100 PCS PVC Gloves Food Grade Waterproof Allergy Free Transparent Disposable Safety Gloves Buy 5 Get 1 FREE /Buy 10 Get 3 FREE

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Material:  PVC Model Number: Anti-infection gloves
Life cycle: One time Size:  S/M/L/XL
Usage: medical /kitchen/work/rubber gloves Suit: Universal For Left and Right Hand
Applicable: Adult/Children Classification: Hand-type Gloves
Quantity: 100pcs Item Type: Gloves

Introduce and Features:

 1.FSUP Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic nitrile material, which does not contain proteins in the latex that can cause allergic reactions to the human body.The selected formula is advanced in technology, soft to the touch, comfortable and non-slip, flexible to operate, and has antistatic, aging and oil resistance properties

2. The shape of the glove is designed according to the shape of the human hand.

3 FSUP nitrile exam gloves provide excellent durability and barrier protection against bloodborne pathogens and other environmental contaminants. Textured to provide excellent non-slip wet gripping power when handling tools, they are also powder free so they won't interfere with your task.

4 Gloves are similar in softness, comfort, and grip to latex gloves.

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